5 Reasons You Should Travel Solo

Traveling around the world is on everyone’s bucket list, but many people never get the opportunity . You should not  pass on the chance to  explore  especially if you are concerned about discovering the world on your own. Do you know that approximately 5million women in the United states travel abroad by themselves each year?   This makes up the largest segment of solo travelers. A recent survey by found that more than 80 percent of respondents prefer to travel alone and  nearly 60 percent of female solo travelers plan on traveling alone again within the next year.

The average  age of solo travelers is  54  making it a popular choice among Americans.                                                     Here are 5 main reasons  to travel alone :

(1) You get to decide where to go and what to do .

(2) Experience personal growth along the Journey .

(3) Larger budget to treat yourself while away .

(4) See and learn from new and exciting Cultures .

(5) Make new Friends .

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