Bellagio is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Como in the Italian region of Lombardy .  It is located on Lake Como , also known by its Latin -derived name , the Lake of Lario . The arms of the Lake form an inverted Y . The triangular land mass at the base of the lake lies to its Southwest , the Lecco arm of the Lake to its Southeast .  At the Northern point of the triangle sits  Bellagio , looking across to the Northern arm of the Lake , and behind it , the Alps . It has always been  famous for its location situated upon the cape of the land mass that divides Lake Como in two . The city centre occupies the tip of the promontory , while other districts are scattered along the Lake shores and up the slopes of the hills.

CUISINE : The traditional Bellagino feast day dish is the Toch  eaten with a wooden spoon , it is composed of polenta mixed with butter and cheese and accompanied with dried fish from the Lake , cold stuffed chicken or home made salami . The red wine is served in a communal jug . For dessert , Miasca– cake made with cornflour and dried fruit , Pan mein- made with white and yellow flour , eggs , butter , milk and elder flowers or paradel- a water of white flour , milk and sugar.

AIR : The airports nearest to Bellagio are :

Malpensa International Airport (MXP) , Milan .

Linate Airport (LIN) , Milan .

Orio al serio International Airport (BGY) , Bergamo .

Lugano Airport – Bus to Menaggio and then ferry to Bellagio .

 RAIL : The railway station nearest to Bellagio is in Asso . The railway lines nearest to Bellagio are :





WATER : A hydrofoil runs from Como to Bellagio , making stops at the other towns on Lake Como along the way . A ferry also runs from Varenna to Bellagio .

ROAD :  Bellagio is accessible on either side of the Larian triangle by slow , narrow and winding roads  from Como or Lecco . It is much safer to drive from Como up to Cadenabbia  and use reasonably priced car ferry  for the quick trip across to Bellagio . An alternative is to take the four-lane road on the Eastern shore of the right arm of the Lake to Varenna , then take  the ferry to Bellagio .

NOTE : Narrow stones stairs make most of the Borgo inaccessible for Cars , Public Buses run daily from Como to Bellagio .

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