Leading Tourism Attractions in Italy

Vacation  in Italy is about as good as it gets as the tourism  offerings  are very  spectacular. For the art Buff  Italy is the home  to the major works of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and other notables. For the architecture aficionado there’s the Colosseum in Rome, St Marks Square in Venice and the Duomo  in Florence. For those of you who like Chic ,it’s shopping in Milan.

Having the urge to view or spend time at the country side? then you have to visit Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria, Campania or Sicily.

As the world’s leading tourist destination venues are always mostly overcrowded. Rome ,Florence and     Venice are basically Italy’s most popular cities and if you are not prepared the crowd can slow your touring and decrease your satisfaction while on vacation. Rome is large enough to manage the crowd of Tourist quite easily , but Florence and Venice are so crowded that visiting any attraction can be quite frustrating if you did not plan ahead. Also ,consider making reservations for dinner ,if you want to eat on a set schedule. Another thing here is that you consider making  reservations for dinner if you want to eat on a set schedule.

NOTE- Quality Restaurants  that do not cater exclusively for tourist will not open until 8pm.

Rome (Roma)

The Eternal City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world . It was the capital of western civilization, Rome has an amazing number of world-class attractions including Colosseum, Forums of the Roman Empire ,Gorgeous Piazzas, Stunning fountains, Glorious churches and fabulous museums. The saying ”All road leads to Rome  ” is a truism during the Roman Empire and the city displays this heritage in a spectacular fashion.Rome is a tourist friendly City that has abundant spectacular attractions.


Venice (Venezia)

Travel in Venice oozes romance and history . Canals , beautiful buildings , world famous hand marks- Venice is an experience unique in the tourism world.  You might take a Gondola down from the Grand canal to  gaze at this romantic city’s unique setting and architecture . Venice is a vision that you will never forget.

   —– Be sure to see the Piazza San Marco including the Basilica (St Mark’s) and the                  Doge’s palace (Palazzo Ducale) .    The Grand canal is another must see because of its palazzos ,  bridges and gondolas.

Venice  has delightful art museums such as Guggenheim, The  Galleria dell’Academia  and the museo cover incredibly beautiful churches and if that were not enough you can take a boat trip through the colorful islands of Murano (Center of Glassmaking)  and Burano(Center of Lace).



From the point of view of art and architecture Florence rivals Rome. During the Renaissance was the center of western civilization. A list of past residents of the city represents the who’s who of the masters including Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael among others. Culture is the strong suite of Florence perhaps that is why the museums are so popular. However this is not  one stop town as shopping and restaurants in Florence tend to be incredibly  attractive to tourists. If you have interest in cooking, this may be the best place to find good catering schools.

Be sure to see the Duomo Cathedral and its impressive Piazza and the adjacent Piazza San Giovanni containing the Baptistery , Museo of Duomo and the famous Bell Tower of Giotto. For art it is the Uffizi of Gallery and the Galleria Dell’ Accademia which contains Michelangelo’s world- famous sculpture of David. While museums abound you may also want to visit the Ponte Vecchio, the famous shop-lined bridge across the Arno river.

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