Milan’s Duomo is decidedly the most impressive structure in Milan  standing proud in Piazza del Duomo , this behemoth Cathedral has seen more than 600 years pass by and has the victory to prove it. The Duomo is the fifth largest christian church in the world , outdone  by St Peter’s Basilica in Rome ,the Basilica of our Lady of Apaecida in Brazil , Cathedral of St John the Divine in New york and Serville’s cathedral . Milan cathedral is still one big church covering a surface of 109,641 square feet and an entire city block , its size is even more impressive considering that it’s the oldest church on that list. The Duomo besides being an artistic monument is a priviledged place of prayer . The cathedral is strongly linked to memory and to the magisterium of the Bishops who have succeeded to the throne of St Ambrose and to the history of the millions of faithful who collect their thoughts there each year to celebrate the Sacred mysteries.

The Cathedral is the mother church of the Diocese , which has a symbolic exemplary function both with regard to life of religion in the city , and with regard to Diocesan activities.  Liturgical activity is the true essence of the cathedral: The Duomo is the heart of liturgical tradition which , referring to the figure of St Ambrose is an expression of the tangible form with which the apostolic tradition is deeply rooted and developed over the centuries in the church of Milan . In Duomo , daily Liturgical worship practiced in many different forms ; not only celebrations of the Eucharist but also , because of the constant presence of the metropolitan chapter , the Liturgy of the Hours , as preparation for and prolongation of the Eucharist.

Particular attention is given to Eucharistic adoration , the Liturgy of the word , celebration of the sacrament of Reconciliation and to the most genuine and sincere forms of ” popular piety such as reciting of the Rosary and during Lent , the practice of the stations of the cross. Liturgical worship by the faithful is the essence of the Cathedral which , in all of its expressions , above all through the countless works of art that  it has preserved for centuries , is required to live and give testimony in the very heart of the city to faithfulness to Christ’s Gospel.

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