Most often people ask , What makes Italy special that  it’s incredibly popular ?  Well there’s no exact answer to that question because there’s no right answer to where you should travel to in Italy . But the truth is that every corner of the country has something marvelous to offer especially in the central and southern regions,  and everyone’s travel style will dictate different needs.


Actually for the fact that i boast about the beauty and charm of Umbria in my blog , it’s possible that you might think that it’s my favorite place , but really  i do have many favorite places in Umbria . However i would say that i harbor a secret passion for Puglia , or more precisely , the Salento Peninsula that forms the heel of Italy’s boot ,  The endless coastline , The whitewashed villages , The spicy food and the expansive people . In one word , Puglia is the Yang to Umbria’s Yin and together they make up the perfect home away-from-home in Italy.                                                                                                                                                                                      But have you taught of where you should  visit in Salento ? First of all , any trip should include the elegant provincial capital of Lecce , with it’s baroque churches and palazzi , traditional paper mache crafts , and the indulgent   custard-filled  ”pasticciotti” pasteries . Talking about  aperitivo ? then i recommend you go to the tiny hill of Ostuni , so grab a table in the Piazza overlooking the Ornate Duomo as the mediterranean heat wanes come at evening. You won’t want to miss the picturesque fishing villages which dot Puglia’s coast ; my favorites are Otranto to the east and Gallipoli to the west .

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