St Peter’s Basilica is Late Renaissance church by architects including Michelangelo , Begun by Pope Julius 2 in 1506 and completed in 1615 under Paul V. The church which is proudly located at Piazza San Pietro 00120 in Vatican City sits about 25,000  worshippers . It is designed as a three -aisled  latin with a Dome at  the crossing directly above the high Altar which covers the shrine of St Peter’s the Apostle.  The edifice – the church  of the Popes is a major Pilgrimage Site. The church has the height of 448.1 feet (136.6m) , length of 730 feet (220m) .

Do you know that you can find the statue of San Gregorius Armeniae  illuminator ,and another interesting thing is that the Pope of the Catholic Faithfuls gives his speech at the Piazza San Pietro.

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