All of the airports mentioned here are  marvels of engineering . Without these airports, the world would not be the same today as they are responsible for a significant portion of the transportation of Cargo. Next time you travel through one of the busiest airports in the world , stop to think for a second about how large and impressive the airport’s operations are . It is simply amazing how these airports solve enormous logistical challenges while getting you and your baggage where you’re going in a timely and efficient manner . These are the lists of the largest/busiest airport in the world , ranked by the total number of passengers that have departed or arrived through the airport in a year.

HARTSFIELD- JACKSON ATLANTA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT : Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia , USA is the world’s most busy airport , and it has earned that tittle with a whopping 94,430,785  passengers last year. Chances are that you or someone you know has passed through Hartsfield-Jackson as it is the largest connections hub in North America . The Airport is the epitome of world class , as it has held the number one spot for over a decade now. The people of Atlanta should be very proud of their airport , as it is considered a model for airports around the world including some of the largest like Heathrow and Beijing Capital International  Airport

BEIJING CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT : Beijing Capital International Airport is the largest/busiest airport in Asia and ranks at the number two spot worldwide in that category , with 83,712,355 passengers in 2015. It is the hub airport for several large airlines including Air China , China southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines. The airport has been expanding tremendously for the past decade and has increased its passenger throughput by 4.1 percent just in the past year. With the Chinese economy booming and Beijing becoming one of the world’s top business centers , Beijing Capital International airport will continue to grow and meet the demand for outstanding world class airport services.

LONDON HEATHROW AIRPORT  : London Heathrow is one of the most popular airports , and it is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom. Heathrow ranks 3rd busiest in the world with an impressive 72,368,630 passengers and ranks No 1 for the highest annual amount of international passengers. It is the hub for one of the world’s largest and most influential airlines , British Airways .The future looks bright for Heathrow , as there are plans for even further expansion by adding a third runway near the North end of the airport which will significantly increase the amount of passengers that can travel through Heathrow. Also , there are other proposed features including a much needed rail link between Heathrow and Gatwick Airport ( the other large Airport near the city of London).

TOKYO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -HANEDA AIRPORT : The Tokyo International Airport ( also known as Haneda Airport ) ranks as the fourth largest airport in the world . In 2015 there were 68 , 906 ,636 people that passed through Haneda Airport. It continues to see growth in passenger traffic and continously expands to accomodate that growth. The Tokyo International Airport used to handle any domestic airline traffic. However , the Japanese transportation authority recently opened an international terminal which has increased passenger numbers tremendously . As it stands today ,Haneda Airport is able to handle more than 900,000,000 passengers per year , but that number will certainly grow quickly as the airport is still looking to acquire contracts with more international airline companies. Haneda Airport is the hub for Japan’s two biggest airlines -Japan Airlines and Nippon Airways – as well as various low-cost airlines . Tokyo international airport is a top notch , world class airport and it is widely recognized as one of the most punctual airports in the world.

CHICAGO O’HARE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT : O’ Hare international is located in north western Chicago . IL and it’s one of the world’s most popular airports. In 2015 , 66,883,271  passengers passed through O’ Hare international making it fifth busiest airport in the world. O’ Hare has been a very important strategic partner for several of the biggest airlines in the USA. It is the home of the second-to-largest United Airlines hub , and nearly 50 percent of all O ‘Hare international passengers travel  with United . It has also partnered  up with American airlines . Currently , O’ Hare international is the second largest hub for American airlines and it plays a huge role in AA’s   mid-west business. It has always been considered one of the best airports in USA , and it has won numerous awards for excellence from US travelers. With its great reputation and implacable services , O’ Hare is one of the most recognized names in the airline business and it continues to grow and build upon the already great image it has in the world of Traveling.

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