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Tourism comprises the activities of persons Traveling to Stay in Places outside their usual environment for not       more than consecutive year for the purpose of leisure , business and other purposes.

                                      BASIC COMPONENTS OF TOURISM

ACCESSSIBILITY                      ACCOMODATION                                   ATTRACTION

Air                                                            Hotel                                                             Monuments

Railway                                                   Motels                                                          Museums

Sea                                                           Inn                                                                 Zoo

Road                                                         Guest Hotels                                               Rivers

Youth Hotels                                           Beaches

Resort Hotels                                          Art Galleries and Natural Attractions

Farm Houses                                          Hill Stations and Lakes.



From the inception of life ,travel has fascinated man. Travel and Tourism have been important social activities of human beings from the immemorial. The urge to explore new places within one’s own country or outside and seek a change of environment and experience has been from ancient times.

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